Principles That Build Personal Success

Principles That Build Personal Success

Standards for Success

There is more to success than showing up. Success is showing up with a purpose. Our purpose is to think and act differently in such a way we become the first choice for customers whose projects are testaments to excellence. When that happens, more opportunities become available for personal career and income growth.

Member Responsibilities

Member Responsibilities

Respect each other and become invaluable to the team

  • Arrive on the job ready to work, every day on time. Absenteeism and tardiness will not be tolerated.
  • Adhere to contractual starting and quitting times. Personal cell phones will not be used during the workday with the exception of break periods.
  • Provide the required tools and respect the tools and equipment supplied by the employer.
  • Use our training and certification system to continue learning and prove that we are the most highly trained workers.
  • Be fit for duty. We have a zero tolerance policy for substance abuse.
  • Be productive and keep inactive time to a minimum.
  • Eliminate disruptions on the job and safely work towards the on-time completion of the project.
  • Respect the customers’ property. Waste and property destruction will not be tolerated.
  • Dress in an appropriate manner. Offensive words and symbols on clothing and buttons are unacceptable.
  • Respect and obey employer and customer rules and policies.
  • Follow safe, reasonable and legitimate management directives.
Employer and Management Responsibilities

Employer and Management Responsibilities

Create environments for success and prove our value to the customer

  • Replace ineffective superintendents, general foremen, foremen, journeyworkers and apprentices.
  • Provide all necessary tools and equipment to employees.
  • Minimize worker downtime by ensuring blueprints, specifications, job layout instructions and material are readily available.
  • Provide proper storage for contractor and employee tools.
  • Provide necessary leadership and problem-solving skills for jobsite supervision.
  • Hold jobsite leadership accountable for mistakes created by management decisions.
  • Encourage employees, recognize their contributions, be fair and consistent with discipline.
  • Create a safe work environment and follow occupational health and safety guidelines.
  • Promote and support career-building education and training for employees.
  • Employ an adequate number of properly trained employees to efficiently perform the work in a safe manner.
Resolving Problems Effectively

Resolving Problems Effectively

Together we can create environments of trust

  • Regular or weekly job progress meetings should be conducted with job stewards, union supervision and management.
  • Job stewards will work with members to solve problems related to job performance and about issues affecting work progress.
  • The business manager or delegate will regularly meet to discuss and resolve issues affecting compliance.
  • The steward and management will attempt to correct such problems with individual members in the workplace.
  • Individual members not complying with their responsibilities shall be brought before the Union Executive Board, which will address the members’ failure to meet their obligations to the union, up to and including filing charges. The union will use all available means to correct the compliance problem.
  • Management will address concerns brought forth by the steward or UA supervision in a professional and timely manner.
  • A course of action shall be established to allow the job steward and/or UA supervision to communicate with higher levels of management in the event there is a breakdown with the responsible manager.
  • In the event that the employee is incapable of making the necessary changes, management must decide whether the employee is a detriment to our standards of excellence and then decide about his/her further employment.
  • If an issue cannot be resolved, the union or contractor may call for a labor/management meeting to resolve it.
  • The union or contractor may involve the customer when their input is prudent in finding a solution.

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