New Journeyman Training Requirements

New Journeyman Training Requirements

Starting September 1, all Book 1 and Book 2 Journeymen must annually complete 10 hours of approved journeyman training as a condition of new or continuing employment.

This new requirement is mandated in Section 5.9.1 of the Master Labor Agreement (2017-2026) for the Plumbing and Piping Industry of Southern California between the CPMCA and Southern California Pipe Trades District Council No. 16.

In order to be eligible for employment within the District Council 16 jurisdiction, this upgrade training mandate MUST be completed annually by all Journeymen. Members must attend ALL hours of training and pass the course with a 70% or better. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact

Journeyman Upgrade Training Program

The required training must be completed by September 1, 2019.

*Training hours starting 1/1/18 will count toward 1st year*

Please note that the hours requirements will change in the coming years.

  • Effective September 1st, 2018: 10 hours of training required annually
  • Effective September 1st, 2020: 15 hours of training required annually
  • Effective September 1st, 2022: 20 hours of training required annually


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