Apprentice & Journeymen Drug and Alcohol Policy

Apprentice & Journeymen Drug and Alcohol Policy

Apprentice & Journeymen Training Trust Fund

Of the Southern California Plumbing & Piping Industry

Drug and Alcohol Policy

The Trustees of the Apprentice & Journeymen Training Trust Fund of the Southern California Plumbing & Piping Industry have adopted the following policy concerning drugs and/or alcohol use, possession or sale while attending classes:

All students are strictly prohibited from manufacturing, distributing, possessing, being under the influence or using any controlled substance and/or alcohol while attending classes at school.[1]

All Training Center Supervisors (TS) will attend drug and alcohol awareness training. If an Instructor suspects a student of being in violation of this policy, the Instructor shall notify the TCS. The TCS will immediately remove the student from the classroom and assess the student’s sobriety and impairment. If the TCS reasonably suspects the student to be in violation of this policy, the TCS will inform that student that he/she is in violation of the policy and that they must leave the campus and not return unless authorized to do so at a later date by the Executive Director. The student will be instructed to arrange safe transportation home by means other than their own vehicle. All reasonable efforts will be undertaken to arrange for a student’s safe transportation home. This removal shall be recorded as an absence and the student shall not be permitted to return to school unless his/her return is authorized by the Board of Trustees after a review of the circumstances leading to the removal from school. The violation shall be recorded on a student Evaluation Form, which will include statements from the Instructor and TCS summarizing their observations and interactions with the student and the basis for the conclusion that the student violated the policy. The Student Evaluation Form will be forwarded to the Executive Director for review by the Board of Trustees and to the student’s Joint Apprenticeship Committee for disciplinary action, which in most instances will result in the student’s termination from the program.

[1] Under this policy, a controlled substance includes prescription medications which impair a student’s ability to attend class and/or perform training activities at the Training Center. Students taking such medications must inform the Executive Director or his designee of the prescription. The Executive Director shall take appropriate steps to arrange an approved leave of absence from school during the period the student is taking the prescribed medication.

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